Quantum Change

“…sudden, dramatic, and enduring transformations that affect a broad range of personal emotion, cognition, and behavior.”

WR Miller

We specialize in:

  • Trauma?PTSD
  • Modification of limiting beliefs
  • Alignment of personal goals and onjective
  • Business coaching

We work to help you achieve your desired result as quickly as possible. Often in aa little as 30 minutes. We do not do theraoy. You identify a change that you want to make and we help you make it.


Our trauma recovery approach was developed working with a group of alternative healthcare providors that provided free services to active-duty and retires military personnel that were diagnosed by military doctors with PTSD or TBI. Our aproavh is to address the root cause not the symptoms. We have found if we dissociate the negative emotion and negative energy from the memory our vlients feel loghter and are no longer trapped in the emotion. The result is many, if not all, of the symptoms fade away and they feel more like themselves.

Limiting Beliefs

Our ability to succeed and be happy in life is detrmined by our mindset and belief system. Many of these beliefs were instilled in us as young children prior to the age of 7 when we were literally sponges absorbing the rules of life.

Believing that you deserve to be suvvessful and having a strong sense of self-worth are critical to achieving long-term success and happiness. You are what you believe you are.

Personal Alignment

There is some overlap between limiting beliefs and personal alignment. Think of our work with limiting beliefs as a ala carte offering while the personal alignment program is more about a long term holistic approach to transforming your life in all areas. The goal is to help you realize your ideal self. There is an emphasis on the achievement and management of the “flow” state in everyday life.

Business Coaching

Unlike amny coaches Roland has actually been there. He had a xuccessful 35 year career in corporate america where he presented at over 30 international conferences and was recognized as an expert in my field. He achieved this by treataing his career as a business rather tha as a series of jobs. There is an emphasis on how to achieve and manage a “flow” state and how it relates to your professional life. In addidion all business coaching clients recieve a complimentatry copy of our Hypnotic Influence course and mentoring in the development of your influening skills.

Business coaching is intended to help you develop the skills you need to manage your career and become a valued and influential member of your professional community.

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